Issues to be aware of

Changes in 0.19.10

Issues addressed in 19.8 - 19.10

  1. 19.8,9.10 are fixes for some specific bugs exposed by the compiler upgrade (particularly effecting windows users accessing the internet using a proxy server)

  2. 19.9 also provides better warning of when antivirus webshields are preventing the proper functioning of the server calls (you should exclude from webshield scanning http traffic from flightplanpro and exclude the URLs

  3. A series of minor fixes and changes to update and registration logic

  4. Extended time limit

  5. Fixed alignment of default flight type

  6. Fixed alignment of default flight type

  7. Fixed the logic for radials that was causing a problem with the TOD when MagVar gradient was high

  8. Fixed a logic error where only some restrictions where extracted when not autoapplying RADs

  9. In the case of lowering the minimum level to comply with a broad level cap we now lower 2000 feet below the level cap to give some level flexibility

  10. Changed the weathersevice URL to address stability issue with the old server

  11. Recompiled the for Cocoa to address some display issues on the latest mac os version

  12. Removed a number of thread conflicts

  13. Fixed a logic error in the throwback that could create an infinite loop

  14. Removed error prone optimize by speed and altitude menu options

  15. Cleaned up various printout errors and inconsistencies

  16. Please use your RocketRoute registered email.  If you do not have one you can get a RocketRoute account here.

  17. If you sign up for a Free (or nearly free at £1.00, the technology is in flux) RocketRoute account, you will be provided with a 14 day trial Pro level account.  When this expires, you will need to go to RocketRoute and enter payment details. 

  18. Because filing live fightplans is available to all FlightPlanPro users via RocketRoute, it is essential we have full contact details, which are established through the billing process.

  19. A prompt for RR password is included on the registration screen.  A warning is generated if not entered and link to RocketRoute is included on the page

IMPORTANT NOTE - FlightPlanPro uses web services from, and Some people’s antivirus/web security systems are blocking these service calls.  The symptoms are FlightPlanPro being unable to contact the registration server, validation requests timing out or being unable to obtain weather/winds information.  The solution is to whitelist the three URLs above.

  1. Recently some restrictions have been added by CFMU that are not included in the Electronic RAD.  To the extent these involve a level cap or a mandatory routing, FlightPlanPro will not be able to resolve these.

  2. If you get a No Route message, check that the minimum and maximum altitudes are sensible. 

  3. FlightPlanPro should be able to process all Mandatory Route messages.  However, the logic has required extensive testing and reports of any failures to correctly resolve these restrictions will help develop the product

  4. Note, the altitude optimisation uses too much memory and can cause a programme crash on longer routes.

  5. The cloud profile doesn’t always work correctly for routes over 1000 miles.

  6. If you are flying a circular route (same departure/destination), the Notam brief will give an error.

The list of known issues that are being worked on is here

FPP0.19.10 Zero FootPrint

A zip file with the Mac, Windows, Linux programmes and data files ready to be loaded on to a Memory Stick.